how to deal with flakes

How To Handle Flakes

Posted by : SteveJabba on July 3, 2015

Flakes..Probably the most frustrating and annoying aspect of this whole business of going out and meeting women. Why? Because you’ll never really know why she flaked in the first place. How can you “fix” it, if you don’t know what went wrong? Fortunately for you I’ve given you some pretty cool pointers about managing this most… [Read More]


How The Game Is Played : Sigma Game *FREE DOWNLOAD**

Posted by : SteveJabba on

In this post I’m going to give you a high level overview of how I play the game.  How is it that a dude of my age – nearly 40 now, can still pick up the hottest girls , 18 – 25, with unremarkable looks (I’ve been told I have “ratty features” and “look weird”. Charming!… [Read More]

forcing iois sexy women

A Simple But Powerful, Life Changing Technique

Posted by : SteveJabba on July 2, 2015

Whats up my fellow lady lovers! I’ve added a new post to my newsletter series that I know you will love. This is about a technique that I invented called spotting and forcing IOI’s. Now you may have heard of this before, since a bunch of other PUA’s talk about it all the time, but… [Read More]


Get Over Approach Anxiety **FREE Downloadable Guide**

Posted by : SteveJabba on July 1, 2015

I’ve just written a detailed, comprehensive guide to getting over approach anxiety. Since this is the most common problem that any guy faces when he is new to approaching women. It even affects the most experienced.  I’ve pulled out the stops on this one, so it’s a PDF file which you can store and keep… [Read More]

how to deal with shit tests

How To Deal With Shit Tests

Posted by : SteveJabba on

Shit tests…the female tactic of derailing the pick up to test our mettle and work out if we’re the kind of man she can see herself being with..Right? Actually I think this is one of the most commonly misunderstood facets of pick up. I recall back in the day I used to see long threads… [Read More]

dont approach us in public

“Stop approaching us in public” – asks…some woman

Posted by : SteveJabba on June 30, 2015

Just discovered an article on that basically states men shouldn’t approach women in public. Here’s a few choice excerpts: “Except there’s a small problem: Women don’t want you to hit on them in public. Sure, some women may not mind being approached when they’re out and about — or at least tolerate it quietly… [Read More]


How To : Create Sexual Tension, Deal With Approach Anxiety, Get Laid Off Dates

Posted by : SteveJabba on June 29, 2015

Today I’m offering 3 free downloadable guides on the 3 principal areas where I know that most of you struggle: 1:/ Getting Over Approach Anxiety / The Fear Of Approaching. Inside you’ll discover: ++ The 2 main types of approach anxiety ++ The main factors that STOP you from approaching (and what to do about… [Read More]

get laid from your dates

Get Laid From Your Dates **FREE Downloadable Guide**

Posted by : SteveJabba on June 26, 2015

I’d argue that getting laid from your dates is THE single most important aspect of game, if you  want to start achieving massive success with the ladies (or indeed any success at all). The vast majority of the time, you’ll need to meet up with her again after the initial meet, so your dates are… [Read More]

how to make a girl invest

How To Make Her Invest

Posted by : SteveJabba on June 24, 2015

I’ve just written a lengthy post on how to make a girl invest in you. This stems from a readers question, as below: Readers Question : “My Q would be: How you make the woman to invest after a good 10/15 min set? I know about confidence, congruence but I still find it difficult to… [Read More]

how to stop being a nice guy

How To Stop Being A “Nice Guy”

Posted by : SteveJabba on June 22, 2015

One of my loyal subscribers has asked me a question about becoming a more naturally attractive man, and dropping the dreaded “nice guy” persona: Here’s the question: “Hope you don’t stop blogging as I love hearing your views rather than most of the other manosphere guys. Like a lot of guy’s getting into game I’m… [Read More]

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