Why the manosphere is wrong about the dating scene

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 27, 2015

I’ve been scouring around the manosphere again recently and by god, they are a bunch of deranged nutters! Tweeting about all manner of shite. Making out that women are all evil, attention seeking whores, ready to drop you at the slightest drop of a hat. Turning into Social Media zombies! What utter shite.. For example,… [Read More]

pua beaten to death

PUA Beaten To Death By 10 Cops

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 24, 2015

I don´t have the full facts, but a PUA has been beaten to death by 10 police officers in Vancouver. It looks like he was doing some extreme drills which he read about on a well known PUA Forum.  Apparently he took a garden hose off a woman and sprayed her. The cops turned up… [Read More]

old school toughness

Old School Toughness

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 21, 2015

I’ve always admired my dad. Still do now, even though I will hit the big 40 this year. One of the main reasons why is his toughness and mental fortitude. There’s a history of mental illness in my family. Years after the fact I learned that my dads mother had chronic paranoid schizorphrenia. VERY bad.… [Read More]

Why Mindset Is Important

Why IOI’s Are So Important

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 17, 2015

This post was originally written some time ago. I’ve updated it now for 2 main reasons: (i) There is so much misunderstanding about IOI’s, which I want to clear up. As the inventor of the technique of forcing IOI’s, spotting them etc, I’m happy to put myself in the position to judge! (ii) I keep… [Read More]

british teen stabbed teenagers

British Teenager Stabs 3 Women Because He´s Incel

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 6, 2015

Just noticed this story (which is old ish news now) of a British teenager who stabbed 3 women to death (aged 20, 45 and 67) in Portsmouth, Hampshire in Jan 2015. The reason? He was frustrated with “fussy” women, and felt that “all women need to die” “I am still a virgin, everyone is losing… [Read More]

how to talk to women

How To Talk To Women

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 5, 2015

How To Talk To Women : The Context Firstly, what you say when you initially approach a girl is not that important. If I were to put it into % terms, it would be about 10%. It’s NOT the really the content of what you are saying that get’s her pussy wet. The implication of… [Read More]

steve jabba secret society review

Another Happy Customer!

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 3, 2015

Guys, Here´s an email I received about my products, which I want to share with you.  I post these emails because..yeah I want to sell my products, of course.  But you know, in my heart I believe that my stuff helps.  A lot. I’ve always said : getting women is the no1 most important thing… [Read More]

prague hot women

Spend 5 Days In Prague Hitting On Girls With Me

Posted by : SteveJabba on August 1, 2015

Here´s the deal: I´ve decided to open up a 5 day 1 on 1 session with me during September, and possibly October too (depending on demand). I´m 90% sure this will be run from Prague, Czech Republic. I last ran a live events session well over a year ago, so I do not do this… [Read More]

direct game is a mindset

Direct Game Is A Mindset

Posted by : SteveJabba on

If You Want To Learn Socially Calibrated Game That I Talk About Here To Maximise Your Results, Check Out The Secret Society: Why The Direct Game Vs Indirect Game Argument Is Irrelevant I don’t slavishly follow any “system” or “rules” in my approach to picking up girls. All I’m interested in is: will it help… [Read More]

young women who want older men

Young Women Who Want Older Men

Posted by : SteveJabba on July 30, 2015

Older Men For Young Girls Is Good For The Girls It’s been my experience that young women want older men.  If you’re an older guy you’ve got enormous potential to attract younger women – IFF (if and only if) you have the right qualities in place. If you don’t have these qualities, then you’re going to struggle… [Read More]

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