hot muslim girl jihadi

Muslim Women LOVE White Men!

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 22, 2015

“Please contact me. Asap i want to meet you so badly!! X i will do the same as the girl in the video above” My eyebrow raised as I saw this comment on my now infamous post (with video of me fucking)The Juicy Spanish Girl. My curiousity was piqued, of course – especially since it… [Read More]

what happens next

What Happens Next?

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 14, 2015

I´ve had some enquiries about what my plans are for this website, my products, etc from people who wanted to buy my products. I have mentioned a few times that I have a new business, so naturally I am not focused on PUA anymore. So let me set the record straight… 1:/ My Products: I… [Read More]

make dating life easier

How To Make Your Dating Life Easier

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 9, 2015

The Mental, Emotional And Time Costs of Meeting Women There´s been a few posts on other blogs recently that I´ve read with interest, concerning the mental, emotional and time costs of doing Daygame. My good friend Nick talks about how periodic mental breakdowns are a feature of Daygame – in other words an integral, unavoidable… [Read More]


Praise For The Secret Society (Readers Emails)

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 6, 2015

Occasionally I have to blow my own trumpet – anyone who runs their own small business has to, so I hope you will forgive me. Just had a great praise email about the Secret Society product from a very happy customer, which prompted me to get my ass in gear and show you guys that… [Read More]


Civilisation Itself IS Being Destroyed By R Selected Cowards

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 4, 2015

Fascinating discussion about fundamental biological differences between humans : R and K Selected people. Think of a pack of wolves as K selected, hunting in packs, highly disciplined, with orders and rules, rearing offspring carefully and with great investment in their young. R´s are like rabbits : never ending supply of food, breed a lot,… [Read More]

britains biggest sexist, steve jabba britains biggest sexist

Apparently I Am Britain´s Biggest Sexist

Posted by : SteveJabba on

Apparently I was on BBC 3 last night on a charmingly titled program called “Britain´s Biggest Sexists”. I was not aware that I would be featured on the program, no one told me about it. The first I found out about it was when I checked my stats and noticed a huge surge in people… [Read More]

donald trump

If you want to know what ALPHA looks like….

Posted by : SteveJabba on November 1, 2015

Fast forward to 14:00. Picture and sound quality improves at about 16:00. There are very few people that I look up to. But WOW. Watch this man. Remember, he´s 69 years old. Full of confidence, energy, vision and leadership. Notice how he´s on the side of the people, just like he´s having a 1 on… [Read More]


What Is Alpha? Who GIVES A FUCK!

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 22, 2015

Trawl around PUA forums (LOL) and / or manosphere sites and you will often see the alpha / not alpha debate popping up like whack a mole on coke on thread after thread. It usually boils down to questioning whether x y z behaviour is “alpha” or whether such and such a person is “alpha”.… [Read More]

parasitic scum

The Truth About Parasitic Immigrant Scum And Welfare Usage

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 21, 2015

NOTE: If you decide you want to comment, please provide an ARGUMENT. Refute the facts, logic or evidence contained within this video. DO NOT just pull out the racist card or tell me you are offended. I don´t give a fuck if you are offended. Your comment will not be approved and I will instantly… [Read More]

handling flaky girls

3 Simple Rules For Handling Flakes

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 20, 2015

I read an article in the manosphere recently talking about how a “worldwide epidemic” of flaky behaviour by women may eventually lead to men in their hormonal prime making the “rational” decision that it´s too much of a strain to pursue the women of the standard that they want. The calculation is based on the… [Read More]

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