Primal Seduction

***NEW Version Of Primal Seduction is LIVE***

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 20, 2014

Yes, I know I kept this quiet. You may or may not know that I spent a good deal of time and energy updating and perfecting my Mangum Opus, Primal Seduction. It’s now available as an updated PDF. I am confident you are going to fucking LOVE this. Buy your updated copy of Primal Seduction… [Read More]

I have a boyfriend

“I Have A Boyfriend” She Says – Now What?

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 17, 2014

For The LOLS (I found this article on a private members forum ages ago.  Republished here as I like it, it’s good content and it’s pretty much exactly what I would do.) There is one phrase that every single one of us hates hearing from a woman moments after we’ve summed up the balls to… [Read More]

3 movies that make you better with women

3 movies that might help you with women

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 16, 2014

I’ve had enough of posting heavy articles for the time being. Here’s a few movies I like that I think you could watch and pick up some useful stuff from that will help you with women. The Grey – Liam Neeson I’m a big fan of old Liam and he seems to get more gravitas… [Read More]


The Rise Of MGTOW (And Why I Still Need Women)

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 14, 2014

Have a look at this graph below. This is Google Trends for the search term MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) You can see for yourself the explosion in interest from 2004 to the present. In August 2014 Google reports approx 28 680 searches for the term “MGTOW” (and that’s just the “fat head” of… [Read More]

Online Dating Site

New Dating Website Uses Videos Instead Of Pictures

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 11, 2014

A new dating website has been set up using only videos instead of photos to tackle the problem of members looking wholly different to their photos. The site was set up by the founder after he went on a couple of internet dates and reported: ““Neither dates were very good experiences. Firstly, the women looked… [Read More]

The return of the hardon

The Return Of The Erection!

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 10, 2014

Men are supposed to get less erections as they get older according to my exhaustive research (typed erections vs age into Google).  Just look at this: Well…fuck all that. I know that I have some readers my age (38, 39 next month) and **GASP** some even older so this is for everyone. Not content… [Read More]

direct game is a mindset

Direct Game Is A Mindset

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 9, 2014

Audio version of this post I don’t slavishly follow any “system” or “rules” in my approach to picking up girls. All I’m interested in is: will it help me to actually be effective in getting the result and am I enjoying the process. I think the long pointless conversations about direct vs indirect game are… [Read More]

pick up artists getting bad rep

4 reasons Why London Pick Up Artists Are Getting A Bad Rep!

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 8, 2014

(Audio Version Of This Post) From my sources in London (yes I DO have sources you know) it would seem that London is now the pick up artist centre of the universe and is developing something of a reputation among the local female population…Though unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. I’ll attempt to point out… [Read More]

dirty old men

We are all dirty old men, study says

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 7, 2014

A new study reports that we’re all are a bunch of dirty old men!  Regardless of their own age (older or younger) , men prefer women “in their mid twenties”, whereas women’s preferences are “better realised” than men’s, preferring “same aged to “somewhat” older than themselves” partners. The end result according to the study? “Men… [Read More]

18 year old curious girl

I bed a hot 18 year old curious girl

Posted by : SteveJabba on October 6, 2014

This happened about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I decided to write it only today. This is a short lay report to illustrate 2 concepts that you might not be sceptical about 1:/ Older dudes can still get young girls (if you take care of yourself) 2:/ The alpha male stereotype myth (I’ll write another… [Read More]

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