Be Their Hero (probably the last post I’ll ever write)

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 31, 2015

It must be very confusing for many of you trying to navigate the modern dating scene. There’s so much conflicting information, much of it written by men who do not know what they are talking about, who are not successful with women, and who are not coming from a position of strength. I will be… [Read More]

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Another Happy Customer!

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 14, 2015

Guys, Just received this via email, so again I will share this with you.  I post these emails because..yeah I want to sell my products, of course.  But you know, in my heart I believe that my stuff helps.  A lot. I’ve always said : getting women is the no1 most important thing in a… [Read More]

winners mentality

The Winners Mentality For Success With Women

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 10, 2015

Preamble And Introduction: The Losers Mentality In my recent efforts to reach out and post on external sites (like Reddit, seduction forums etc) , I’ve learned a lot about how a certain subset of guys react towards me, which in my view is indicative of a losers mentality. I’ve spent the last few days mulling… [Read More]

honest customer

Touching email from an honest customer

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 6, 2015

Guys, I just got this email and it touched me so I thought I would share it: (You can click on the email to expand it full size)               Couple of points I would make: In my view, success with girls is FUNDAMENTAL to your self esteem and happiness… [Read More]

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If You Like Hot Girls, You Need To See This Video

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 5, 2015
emotional sensitivity

Emotional Sensitivity : An Excerpt From My Book, Primal Seduction

Posted by : SteveJabba on

Here is an excerpt from my book, Primal Seduction.  About half of the book is formed from me spending about 12 hours being interviewed by my good friend Nick Krauser, breaking down my game piece by piece.  These interviews were then cleaned up and the big thematic elements drawn together, with diagrams, explanation and clear,… [Read More]


How Much Should I Approach?

Posted by : SteveJabba on March 2, 2015

This is in answer to a readers question. Enjoy.

sex differences

Innate Difference Between The Sexes – GTFIH

Posted by : SteveJabba on February 25, 2015

A BBC documentary from 1978…Prescient.. Curious to get your reaction to it! Comment below!!

question everything

Question Everything

Posted by : SteveJabba on February 24, 2015

There’s been a bit of a furor in the so called “manosphere” recently which I’ve watched from the sidelines. I think it’s all rather silly to be honest, grown men acting like little boys, though pretty much what I would expect (I have occasionally let slip my views on large sections of the manosphere, which I see… [Read More]

Why Mindset Is Important

Why IOI’s Are So Important

Posted by : SteveJabba on February 22, 2015

Update 22/02/2015: This post was originally written some time ago. I’ve updated it now for 2 main reasons: (i) There is so much misunderstanding about IOI’s, which I want to clear up. As the inventor of the technique of forcing IOI’s, spotting them etc, I’m happy to put myself in the position to judge! (ii)… [Read More]

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