Daygame Vs NightGame

March 17, 2015 | 1 Comment

The Truth About Day Game

There is a lot of crap written about Day Game, some of which is intended just to sell you a bunch of stuff.  So i’ll try and address the pros and cons vs nightgame in this article.


The first decision you need to make is whether you are going to focus your energies on day game or nightgame (or both).  There are advantages and technical differences between the two.

Day Game Positives

Day Game : Myths vs reality

A lot of the Day Game practitioners will tell you that you can “connect” with the girl more easily in Day Game. This is wrong. The ability to connect is based on your skill as a Pick Up Artist.  I’ve “connected” with girls in all types of environments, Daygame, nightgame, on a bus, in a park. Where you meet her is irrelevant.

Technical Differences Between Day Game And Nightgame:

Whenever you meet a new girl, there always needs to be at least SOME element of sexual energy.  It’s that crackle of sexual tension that makes the girl interested in you and want to see you again.

I regularly see guys out on the street “practicing” daygame, and I can always spot the guys that are gonna get nowhere.  The reason is that their interactions lack sexual energy.  Have a look at these 2 videos and spot the sexual energy, which makes the girls want to meet with me again (and also want to have sex with me!)

Compare and contrast the difference in sexual energy between this:

And This:

You can see that it is still there in both videos – but it’s much more overt and full on in the top example.  The point is that you need this sexual tension ANY TIME you talk to a girl…It’s one of the most critical components of whether she’ll become attracted and want to have sex with you.

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One thought on “Daygame Vs NightGame

  1. Red Paradigm

    I agree sexual tension is key BUT it begins with your desire. If you don’t really have a strong desire for a girl you can’t create it. The problem with most men is a lack of desire not knowledge.


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