How To Kiss A Girl Video

August 17, 2012 | 21 Comments

How To Kiss A Girl Video – With Real Pick Up Analysis!

Do you want to know how to kiss a girl you just met – quickly? There is a very simple method which you can use which helps to work out how to kiss a girl. I’ve included a video below which demonstrates everything in this article. Refer back to this video throughout.

NB If you’re interested in learning more from the natural who taught the Richard La Ruina, creator of Stealth Attraction  then check out the linked page.

How To Kiss A Girl Video – Key Concepts

You need to approach with at least some sexual state.
You need to escalate. ( I will explain how)
You need the right attitude and understanding of “rejection”.
You need to show intent.

How To Kiss A Girl Video – Approach with sexual state and intent

1:/ Go up to the girl and introduce yourself. In the video I do this by talking about her skirt and boots (I even try touching her almost straight away). This immediately sets the context of the interaction in her mind i.e. he is coming to talk to me because he likes me.

If you were already on a date with her, skip this and go to step 3.

2:/ Stop her. This is where dominance comes in. In this case, a slight touch on the arm and physically telling her to stop.

3:/ When you talk to her, there should always be a degree of sexual tension. You get this by having sexual state. (did you read the article about sexual state?). You can see it here. Every interaction with a girl should always have a degree of sexual state.

4:/ You need to show intent when talking to the girl. In this case at 1:02 I say “I like you” and “do you have a boyfriend”.

At 1:07 “I would like to get to know you”. Very clear on why I am talking to her.
If you already know her and are on a date – you would need to make it very clear you are attracted to her.

How To Kiss A Girl – Verbal Escalation:

1:/ Begin to verbally escalate.  Throw out a “test”  – At 1:42 I throw out a “test”
I ask if she’s willing to go out another time. This is my way of testing if she’s interested. She says “yes, why not”.
If you meet a girl you’ve never met before, say exactly this. It’s a good way of establishing if she is interested.

2:/ Continue verbal escalation.  She responds well so escalate more.
At 1:43-1:48 I pay a personal compliment “You have nice eyes” This is personal and is again showing intent.
Notice how she starts giggling and says “you’re so funny”
At this point I know it is on for a kiss but I actually let the sexual tension drop before building it up again.

At 2:15 I say “it’s very sexy when you say that”
I am building up the verbal escalation ladder.
Personal compliment 1 “you have nice eyes”
Personal compliment 2 “it’s very sexy when you say that”

At 2:26 notice how she tries to deflect the sexual tension. Women do this a lot.  You have to learn to deal with it and bring things back where you want.
Leading to

At 2:35 I talk about her skirt and actually start touching her!

How To Kiss A Girl – Physical Escalation

1:/ I am again building up the verbal escalation ladder and now starting the physical escalation ladder.

Notice I am much closer to her now and at 2:39 verbalise how forward I am. This is just fluff, no reason for this. But I am saying what is happening in the present moment. Always a good thing to do with a woman.

At 2:45 I start playing with her hair and put my hand on her shoulders. Going up the physcial escalation ladder.

At 2:54 I get very close and then after move closer still.

2:/ At 3:14 I get physically closer and she throws me a compliment : “I like tall men like you”

How To Kiss A Girl – Go for Kiss / Persistance

At 3:15 I go for the first kiss but she rejects it.

Key understanding :

Rejection is not important. Don’t look at what women are saying, look at what they are doing 
She is still standing there
She is giggling and laughing
She has indicated she likes me 2 times verbally (“I like tall men like you”, and “sure, why not” when I ask if she wants to go out with me again”)
If you are getting signals like this, she likes you and it is just a matter of time and escalation.
So at 3:20 I build compliance : get her to kiss me, then at 3:21 I kiss her.

How To Kiss A Girl – Physical escalation ladder :

1:/ Hand on skirt briefly
2:/ Touching hair
3:/ Kiss on cheek
4:/ At 3:24 I say “is it too soon to kiss?” and she replies yes. In other words, she wants to , but it is too soon. Ergo, try again later!
5:/ At 3:33 I do it again!
6:/ Then at 3:43 I go for it again and she does it!

How To Kiss A Girl – Summary:

Approach / get her to stop (skip this if you’re met her already and are on a date with her)

Have sexual state.

Show Intent.

Understand rejection is meaningless in the context of not looking at what women are saying, look at what they are doing

Follow Escalation sequence outlined here Approach and build up – Verbal Escalation – Physical Escalation – Kiss  / Persist

NB a good friend of mine has written an excellent post on practicing building your sexual state projection.  You can find it here:


21 thoughts on “How To Kiss A Girl Video

    • roll tide

      hey brah you were in a such roll of content driving so many people here, dont stop it. I want your book and I want you to be recognized


  1. Socialkenny

    Do all UK PUA instructors work for PUATraining(pardon me if I’m wrong)?

    I’m not able to see this vid right now from my crappy mobile,but I get the standard concepts you’re laying out with the sexual states,etc.

    Newbies can learn a lot.


  2. George

    Awesome video Steve, very smooth. Have given it a post all to itself – Keep the awesome in-fields coming!!


  3. MIke

    Hey Steve At 1:43-1:48 I pay a personal compliment “You have nice eyes” and then u stare at her mouth for a couple of seconds then her eyes and then she says “‘ your so funny” is this to build sexual tension?


  4. Socialkenny

    @Admin- Ok cool. This vid’ was posted on Krauser’s blog also[If I’m correct].


  5. riv

    fucking inspiring!

    thanks for the video.


  6. afshin

    I want picture sexy pleas send my mal .thankue wery much.


  7. dimz

    Hi thre
    Am frm SL
    Mmmm thnks for the video
    Having lots of troubles with kissing
    She doesn’t like
    Don’t no how to get it


    • kannan

      There is no audio for the first few seconds. Can you tell exactly what you spoke – you said you introduced yourself by talkjng about her skirt and boots. Nothing about her and yet you say it conveys to het your interest in her? I don’t get it. How did you even make her stop by just talking about her skirt and boots?


  8. kannan

    This girl is sweet, with no bitch attitude, may be that, along with he fact that she liked tall men and that you are goodlooking made the escalation easier. She is so sweet that even a phaggot with no game may have some luck with her. With most women, the problem a random phaggot faces is even to successfully land in conversation with her, most women just arrogantly will walk away after he delivers the opener. Can you help me?


  9. Bonehead

    This post is a classic..and its backed up by video footage. Everything is there. Reread. I will.


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