How To Pick Up A Girl Off The Street – With Video

August 17, 2014 | 23 Comments

In this video I demonstrate kissing a cute Colombian girl in London, England in under 5 minutes!

I use a lot of the techniques that I explore in great detail in The Secret Society, my 5 hour long video product where I break down all aspects of outer game – i.e. what you DO when you want to pick up girls.

Watch The Video First:

Here are some key elements from this pickup that you should notice:

The importance of sexual tension

This is critical..It is the difference between an interaction that goes nowhere, and one which crackles with sexual energy. Where the girl is sure to meet you again.

If you get this right, you can take girls to bed in under 30 minutes, even shorter *assuming logistics*

When guys ask why girls flake, it’s mainly because they felt no sexual tension.


This is where you give and take away…If you are full on all the time, you run the risk of frying her circuits. You have to contrast the sexual tension with softer moments where you show there is more to you than just a horny guy who wants to fuck. It also demonstrates that although you are turned on by her, you have a “take it or leave it” attitude. Although you like her, she’s not the centre of your universe..You don’t NEED her.

This is a turn on for her and is necessary because girls are attracted to a guy with options…By giving and taking away, she feels she’s never fully “got” you.

This is an element that the vast majority of guys don’t have when they are picking up girls. They’re too “ON”…Too much attention to the girl, overwhelming her and giving the impresssion that they don’t have other options.

You’ll find a bunch of analysis of these 2 concepts with example videos in The Secret Society.

Hard and soft eyes

It’s hard to see in the video, but during this pickup I was using a combination of hard and soft eyes. This is how you can create massive amounts of sexual tension *as you see in the pickup*, but then contrast it with moments of tenderness. This is fascinating to girls because they can see another side to you, and gives off the impression that you are not just looking for a quick shag. EVERY girl alive wants to feel special, unique – and you can demonstrate this by hinting through your eyes that she means something to you in that moment. If you use this with fractination, you’ll create a powerful impression that she COULD have you but…not quite.


You always want to avoid a cookie cutter approach – giving off the impression that you’re saying the same thing to every girl. If you combine these elements properly, instead of saying the same thing every time, in a flat voice with no conviction, no sincerity, and no sense that the girl means anything to you, you’ll get nowhere.

You’ll find a full, 5 hour breakdown of all of this and more in my video product The Secret Society. In this product, I go into much more depth than this sneak preview, with over 5 hours of analysis covering all the topics above in much more detail.


23 thoughts on “How To Pick Up A Girl Off The Street – With Video

    • roll tide

      hey brah you were in a such roll of content driving so many people here, dont stop it. I want your book and I want you to be recognized


  1. Socialkenny

    Do all UK PUA instructors work for PUATraining(pardon me if I’m wrong)?

    I’m not able to see this vid right now from my crappy mobile,but I get the standard concepts you’re laying out with the sexual states,etc.

    Newbies can learn a lot.


  2. George

    Awesome video Steve, very smooth. Have given it a post all to itself – Keep the awesome in-fields coming!!


  3. MIke

    Hey Steve At 1:43-1:48 I pay a personal compliment “You have nice eyes” and then u stare at her mouth for a couple of seconds then her eyes and then she says “‘ your so funny” is this to build sexual tension?


  4. Socialkenny

    @Admin- Ok cool. This vid’ was posted on Krauser’s blog also[If I’m correct].


  5. riv

    fucking inspiring!

    thanks for the video.


  6. afshin

    I want picture sexy pleas send my mal .thankue wery much.


  7. dimz

    Hi thre
    Am frm SL
    Mmmm thnks for the video
    Having lots of troubles with kissing
    She doesn’t like
    Don’t no how to get it


    • kannan

      There is no audio for the first few seconds. Can you tell exactly what you spoke – you said you introduced yourself by talkjng about her skirt and boots. Nothing about her and yet you say it conveys to het your interest in her? I don’t get it. How did you even make her stop by just talking about her skirt and boots?


  8. kannan

    This girl is sweet, with no bitch attitude, may be that, along with he fact that she liked tall men and that you are goodlooking made the escalation easier. She is so sweet that even a phaggot with no game may have some luck with her. With most women, the problem a random phaggot faces is even to successfully land in conversation with her, most women just arrogantly will walk away after he delivers the opener. Can you help me?


  9. Bonehead

    This post is a classic..and its backed up by video footage. Everything is there. Reread. I will.


  10. N.P.

    Steve what do you mean by hard and soft eyes? Can you please describe them?


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