PUA Games – Oldschool Fun

December 11, 2013 | 3 Comments

 PUA Games – A Blast From The Past

PUA Games Introduction

These PUA Games are a bit old school.  The trend nowadays is Natural Game (this is what I teach!).  However they are a blast from the past and you can use them if you ever get stuck for an opener, or if you want to inject a bit of fun and can’t think of anything else to say.

Plus I am taking a break from writing deep lengthy stuff.

See if you recognise any of these old chesnuts!

PUA Games 1 – The “Stick Girl” Opener

You will need : A Pen, A Napkin / Serviette

Suitable For : Bars / Coffee Shops

If you spot a girl you want to talk to, but cannot think of what to say, try this:

Keep checking her out, in an obvious way.  Your objective is to make her notice you looking at her.

When you catch her eye, get out the pen and napkin / serviette.  Start drawing a picture of her.  Make it very obvious what you’re doing, and really study her, as if you are making a Da Vinci work of art!

Make a stick girl drawing, a bit like this:

Stick Girl Drawing

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Now keep looking at her…Fold up the napkin and walk over to her and maintain eye contact..Get closer and say to her “I couldn’t help myself..You’re the hottest girl in here”…”I was inspired so I drew a small portrait picture”.

“Now don’t open this until I get back to my seat” {Hand her the folded up napkin}

Gaze lovingly at her, then return back to your seat.

Give her a nod to let her know to open the napkin..

Then raise your glass / eyebrows at her, smile at her, maybe a cheeky nod.

If she doesn’t invite you over to talk to her, she’s a miserable cow!!

PUA Games 2 – The Strawberry Condom

You Will Need : A Strawberry Flavoured Condom, Fun Vibe, Balls

Suitable For : Bars / Coffee Shops

I used to use this one back in the day.  A guy with the charming moniker of “Swamps” told me about this.  I loved it straight away, cocky , cheeky, ballsy!

If you see a hot girl you like, walk up to her and say..”Hi..I was just looking at you and thought you’re a bit hot…

But i’m wondering – what’s your favourite fruit?  Maybe something ripe…red…succulent

She’ll probably say “Strawberry”.

If she does take out a strawberry flavoured condom from your pocket and hand it her with a cheeky grin on your face.  Say “OOH really…That’s mine too!.  Maybe we can share it together sometime?”….

Strawberry Flavoured Condom

Try this one out for size!

You gotta have a fun vibe and be flirty when you say it to pull this one off!

PUA Games 3 : How Do I Pull You Mini Street Routine

A routine I hear you cry!  Yes, I did make up one or two of my own.

You Will Need : Fun Vibe

Best Used For : Street

See a hot girl, approach her.  Stop her casually and say

“If a dude came up to you and was trying to chat you up..What would be the best thing he could say do you think?”

Now often girls are a bit uncreative, or dull…So you might have to prompt her (which is good as it shows leading anyway)

++Say something like “How about if he just complimented you.  For eg, if he said “I love your juicy bum”

++Or maybe “What about if he just asked you directly if you are single because he thinks your cute”

++Or what about if he said he’d buy you lots of things and treat you like a princess for the rest of your life…

Juicy Bums

Shameless Excuse To Insert Juicy Female Bums. Imagine the damage you could do with that!

 Now when she gives you her opinion, raise your eyebrows and say something like “oh cool..wow that’s what you like eh?”

Then say – “Would you just wait for one minute?”

Then walk away a few paces…Stop.  Then turn around and repeat back what she says works!

A bit cocky, a bit different, and a bit fun.  Try it!

Feel free to add your own PUA Games that you’ve used in the comments!  I look forward to checking them out… In the meantime head over and check out the Stealth Attraction System.

3 thoughts on “PUA Games – Oldschool Fun

  1. Socialkenny

    I’m an in-direct game totally. I don’t mess with direct game at all. So for me, it’s cool that you posted the above 3 routines. I’ve heard of the 1st routine but not the other 2.

    Direct game seems to work pretty well for you BTW.


  2. Socialkenny

    BTW Steve, try to activate a plugin for your blog which enables your commentors to click to receive updates of new comments. It’ll be really friendly to those who comment on your stuff so we’re aware of follow-up messages. The plugin should be easy to find.


  3. evgeni

    i hate game stuff but the last one i realy original and is funy.


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