DTF = Down to Fuck..

Essentially it’s referring to the girls who are walking around a venue gagging for cock. Talk to these chicks, escalate and you get laid.. It’s that simple.

Years ago I remember reading the ‘community’ stories about fools mate on MASF.. I actually remember buying into the idea that anyone who had a same night lay with an ‘easy’ girl was obviously a fool.. and had no game.. obviously..

Now recently there have been a few stories on the forum about different guys interacting with the same girl on the same night (TT is classic for this) and getting the impression that the girl was really into them.. They later find out that their friend x PUA or whatever also got her number / made out / fucked her or whatever. I think that a big skill set the more experienced guys acquire when then get good is the ability to spot DTF girls. As they mostly all have this skill, it’s fairly predictable that they will end up approaching the same DTF girls.

When I was on the SNL missions (ahh the nostalgia) it rapidly became clear that some girls were just pure DTF. I decided that the main criteria for efficient SNL game, was the extent to which they were DTF and that spotting / opening them was THE way to get consistency.

Now the DTF girls almost universally had no long term potential BUT they had already done most of the work for me. It was obvious that were very very open to ‘a guy’ hitting on them and would leave fuck within a few minutes if I made my intentions clear from the start. I think they must have sat about at home before they went out thinking how great it would be to fuck ‘a guy’ and have someone in their bed. It also became FUCKING obvious that my game was not required to fuck these girls and that any woman could be in the DTF mindset irrespective of how hot she was.

My criteria for spotting these girls was:

  1. Deliberately separated from their group, sitting alone or standing somewhere open
  2. Looking around the room obviously
  3. Holding eye contact – I took this to mean FUCK ME NOW PLEASE!
  4. Not generally giving you proximity but actually bumping into you on purpose as they walk past or pushing you slightly when there was actually no need and they could have walked round you
  5. Slightly tilted head to one side and often staggering or swaying slightly – basically signs of mild drunkenness.

When I opened these girls the interaction was often very different from the norm. They are dismissive at first, then if you persist, fucking friendly, really nice to you, totally rapport seeking, it’s awesome.

Here’s an example of me escalating on a DTF girl on the street:

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My favourite interaction with one girl (in TT) who was sitting alone, on the sofas downstairs – all venues have perfect DTF chick areas btw and this is the one for TT – went like this.

Girl: Texting deeply engrossed in phone. Bottle of wine in front of her half finished..
ME: Sit next to her, Hey what’s up.
Girl: Looks at me then back at phone. blanks me totally.
ME: Moves closer, puts arm round girl. Hey who are we texting..
Girl: Ohh hey, what’s your name, where are you from, love your t-shirt…+20 more rapport questions.
ME: Your fucking cute.
Girl: Please fuck me now look.. Thanks.
ME: Lean in to kiss her.
Girl: Makes out far to enthusiastically.
ME: Stops the kissing.. God your really turning me on.
Girl: Smiles.
ME: Lets get out of here.
Girl: Ok.
Me: Come with me to get my coat.
Girl: Follows and eventually takes me back to her place where we fuck.

No qualification, no teasing, nothing, just pure dominance and leading, meet to leave the venue less than 10 minutes.

Now the thing is, with a DTF chick you MUST do all this fast. Fucking fast!

If you get a properly DTF chick and you waste time or deescalate the interaction in any way she will fuck off…. Immediately! She’ll just get up and leave.! The key seems to be SEXUAL INTENT. Drop the intent and you loose her, BAM!

Now one of the problems with what I’m outlining here is that it requires almost complete departure from what you have often spent a lot of time learning to do.. Try and mix this with ‘game’ and you will fuck it up. I guarantee.
DTF girls do not follow any of the normal rules.. They are Down To Fuck! Simple as.. No friends or amount of logistical problems will get in the way.. They want it and don’t give a shit about anything other than getting it.. They will deal with logistics for you, all you have to do is escalate, fast! All the usual objections vapourise when a girl is DTF.. They don’t care about social conditioning they even tell their friends to fuck off and leave them alone, they only care about getting your cock in them, ASAP! If you get any objections, either she is not DTF or you are lacking DOMINANCE and SEXUAL INTENT.

Now I can imagine some of the responses..

Awesome this is it man, the magic formula, this is what I need to do, only approach DTF girls!! If I don’t get laid she is not DTF. Perfect!

No, No, NO! Do not be this guy. Approach girls you find hot JUST always be mindful of the extent to which they are DTF and if you feel they are ACT!

Great, this is awesome, I’ll just approach all girls sitting on their own because they are DTF.!!

I really hope nobody gets obsessed with only talking to DTF girls.. You may not even know until you start speaking to her whether she is DTF..

Where they are sitting means fuck all BUT a girl sitting on her own with a half empty bottle of wine deeply engrossed in texting (I’d guess trying to arrange a booty call) is a better bet for DTF than a girl dancing about in a big group with her mates.

Isn’t this just girls being drunk? I don’t like drunk girls..

It’s easy to dismiss the DTF state as ‘girls being drunk’ but that’s a mistake.. Drunkenness is not something which is needed for a girl to be DTF, mostly the DTF chicks I’ve met were slightly tipsy, just enough to allow themselves some level of plausible deniability..

All were coherent enough to arrange logistics, hold some level of decent conversation, etc.. Approach enough girls who act like the description and you quickly realise there is a MAJOR difference between these girls and DRUNK chicks.

I’ve seen girls who don’t drink being DTF, it’s a state of mind!

Won’t her friends stop her from leaving? Should I try and talk to her mates to get them on side?

This is ‘game’ thinking.. DTF girls have different rules.. The girl in the example above plainly ditched her friends, didn’t text them or anything to let them know what she was doing, she just said ok lets go.. I only found out she had friends with her when we saw one of her mates who was totally drunk on the bus on the way back to her place.. When we saw her mate she said hi, we had an awkward conversation with her for 10 minutes which mostly consisted of my girl holding her up and asking if she was ok.. We walked with her back to just before her house but when it came to it the girl just said ‘See you tomorrow’ and led me to her house.. She didn’t give a toss about her mate, who was staggering about.. The point is that she just wanted to get fucked and that was the most important thing to her that night..

Nothing else mattered..!

On some occasions you may need to deal with the friends but let her bring it up, don’t assume you have to.

Do I still need to attract / qualify them, I’m not sure they will still go home with me if I just start being dominant and sexual?

Anyone who feels this will not be able to pull DTF girls. Do not attempt this until you have worked on your inner game..


If you are out to score consistent same night lays then this is the best and easiest way to make sure you do! Want to GUARANTEE you get laid on a regular basis..

Develop the skill of finding these girls. Why waste time battling through objections and LMR when there is a girl who is gagging for cock and equally as hot.

In any venue it should be, scout for hot DTF girls first and then if they don’t seem attractive to you, the other girls after.. Provided you can spot DTF girls, be dominant and escalate this is 100% the easiest way to pull in clubs/bars.

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